Phidon Pens

THE JOY EXPERIMENTS (by Scott Higgins and Paul Kalbfleisch)


Cities have always been the source of invention, resilience, tolerance and prosperity. Given our current and unprecedented need for all these things, how can we start creating better cities?

Scott Higgins, President of HIP Developments and writer/creative director Paul Kalbfleisch, invite you to join a new discussion about the role cities play in our lives in their new book, The Joy Experiments. It offers an honest dialogue for politicians, citizens, architects, city planners, and business leaders to come together and create a model for building communities that reflects the needs of our souls and future.

While not an academic text book nor a political platform, this book does not shy away from big issues, big ideas or big hopes. It is a form of musings and a notebook from two people who, in the trenches of experimentation, are trying to improve the connection between citizens and their cities.