SOUMKINE Zero Waste Universal Planner Notebook (Slim)

$24.00 $29.00

Zero percent wasted space. One hundred percent genius.

Made of super luxurious and fountain pen friendly 80gsm paper from Italy, this Zero-Waste, cover-less notebook from French stationer SOUMKINE is all about maximizing space for your thoughts and ideas.

The Universal System is a unique ruling based on an expanded grid. Designed by SOUMKINE's founder Fiodor back in 2018, it merges all existing planning solutions into one book, giving you the flexibility to set up the planner to suit your individual needs. Thanks to the special crop marks on each page, you can create weekly and monthly spreads or use Universal as a simple journal. Best of all, because it is undated, you can start using the Universal Planner Notebook anytime you want, however you want.

  • 80 gsm fountain pen friendly paper
  • 34 sheets/68 pages
  • Staple bound
  • A5-slim size: 110 x 210 mm
  • Grid layout
  • Made in France