ROTERFADEN Taschenbegleiter (A5) Organiser - V_19 (Vegan)


The ROTERFADEN Taschenbegleiter Organiser is a durable, yet highly versatile storage and organisational system for your favourite notebooks and planners. Made from premium materials and crafted to the highest standards, this notebook cover is built to last a lifetime. Unlike many other notebook covers which often use an elastic band storage system that can wear out with age, ROTERFADEN covers utilize adjustable, spring-loaded steel clips. This not only means a more robust, long-lasting mechanism, but also allows notebooks to be removed or added back in much more easily.

The V_19 Taschenbegleiter is a cruelty-free alternative to the standard organiser from Roterfaden. It uses no animal-derived materials in its construction, but offers the same durability, flexibility, and reliability. Best of all, the linoleum material used on the exterior is waterproof, which means you can easily wipe off any dirt or liquids that splash on to the surface.

  • Holds up to 3 A5-sized notebooks with durable steel clips
  • Dancefloor exterior
  • Plant-based felt interior
  • Interior pockets for business cards and loose papers
  • Elastic enclosure
  • Elastic pen loop
  • Made in Germany