MITSUBISHI Uni Kuru Toga Advance Mechanical Pencil - Red


Eliminate the frustration of uneven line widths as you write across the page with the innovative "auto-turn" mechanism of the MITSUBISHI Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil.

This ingenious mechanical pencil from Japan features a proprietary, spring-loaded "kuru toga" mechanism inside the pencil that automatically rotates the lead as you lift up the pencil off the page with each stroke, and allows you to keep using the sharp side of the lead as your write. It has a double-knock mechanism that allows the metal guide tip holding the lead to retract into the pencil when not in use, and prevents damage to your pen storage cases. In addition, the unique sliding lead sleeve gradually retracts into the pencil as the lead is worn down, which helps to protect the lead as you write while reducing the frequency of having to push the top button to advance more lead. The perforated grip section allows for a sleek design while providing an easy grip for the writer.

  •  Plastic body
  • Top-button, click-to-advance mechanism