LEUCHTTURM1917 x Monocle Drehgriffel Nr. 2 Mechanical Pencil - Yellow


Based on the same classic design as the LEUCHTTURM1917 ballpoint pen, the Drehgriffel Mechanical Pencil offers a comfortable writing experience, whether it's copying school notes or drafting out ideas for a new project.

Originally introduced in 1920s, the Drehgriffel is distinguished by its hexagonal body and a narrowly tapered tip, which is set in a contrasting colour from the body just like the matching twist-knob mechanism that extends and retracts the writing tip of the pen. Made of steel and aluminum, it is perfectly balanced for comfortable and ergonomic writing. The mechanical pencil comes fitted with an internal chamber that can hold several refills at once.

  • Precision-milled steel & aluminum body
  • Twist-knob mechanism