LAMY Aion Fountain Pen - Olivesilver


The LAMY Aion Fountain Pen features a striking, modern silhouette by British industrial designer Jasper Morrison and follows in the same functionalist tradition of all LAMY pens. It captivates with a combination of minimalist design and unconventional details. The body and cap of the pen are assembled as seamless components with a brushed surface texture. The lower section is accentuated by a matte finish that results in a more comfortable grip for the pen user. The Aion Fountain Pen is fitted with a Z53 nib, which differs slightly in design from the standard LAMY Z50 nib, but is no less smooth or reliable than its popular sibling.

  • Aluminum body
  • Interchangeable stainless steel nib
  • Can be used with LAMY Z26 converter (included)
  • Compatible with LAMY T10 refill cartridges