KOKUYO Pasta Marker Pen - Single


A smooth, solid marker that does double duty as a colouring tool for art or a highlighter for notes, the Pasta Marker Pen is a unique pastel-crayon developed by KOKUYO. It is one of the few highlighter products on the market suitable for use with fountain pens. Unlike conventional wet ink highlighters, the solid core of the KOKUYO Pasta Marker Pen allows users to highlight over information written down with a fountain pen without reactivating the ink, which often leads to smudged, illegible writing. This useful bleed-proof and smudge-resistant highlighter is a must-have in every study kit.

The water-based, solid gel colour core is also easy to blend and offers both broad strokes and fine detail lines thanks to its rectangular shape. To advance the core, simply turn the knob mechanism at the top of the pen.

  • 4mm x 7mm solid gel core
  • Twist to advance mechanism