Graf von Faber Castell

GRAF VON FABER CASTELL Magnum Fountain Pen - Caucasian Walnut


The GRAF VON FABER CASTELL Magnum Fountain Pen is a striking, oversized pen that combines modern elegance and meticulous craftsmanship with luxurious materials. The tapered barrel of the writing instruments is made of Caucasian walnut. The deep brown surface is as beautiful as it is timeless. The natural differences in colour and structure of the wood make each writing instrument unique. Fitted with a 18k gold nib that offers a delightful writing experience, the Magnum Fountain Pen is a wonder to hold and use.

  • Caucasian walnut wood body with platinum-plated accents
  • 18k bi-colour gold nib
  • Can be used with a standard international cartridge converter (included)
  • Compatible with standard international cartridge refills
  • Made in Germany