Jazz City



Jazzu kissa, which translates to 'jazz café', are cozy, intimate coffee shops that offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy both good coffee and, more importantly, great jazz records. They can be found in cities across Japan, hidden in narrow side streets and quiet alleys. From the great legends to underground gems, they invite jazz lovers on an audio journey to explore all the best music that the genre has to offeracross the ages.

Jazz kissa are going out of business at an accelerating pace due to the aging of the owners and the deterioration of the shops. On the other hand, the number of jazz kissa that are making a fresh start is gradually increasing, with relatives and regular customers taking over for the owners or renovating their stores. It is certain that the number of jazz kissa will continue to decline, but it is not certain that they will become extinct. In this Gateway To Jazz Kissa Vol.3, we introduce 6 jazz kissa, including one that has been restarted by regular customers after the closure of a long-established café, another that has taken over a famous machine from a closed café and is now performing anew, and another that has recovered from a major disaster.

  • ISBN: 984-4991049293
  • Limited to 2000 copies worldwide