Craft Design Technology

CRAFT DESIGN TECHNOLOGY x Daigo Desk Note (L) - Grid


CRAFT DESIGN TECHNOLOGY partners with the leading stationery manufacturers of Japan to create a collection of elegant, everyday creative tools and desk accessories that celebrate the joy and pleasure of analog.

Developed to marry analog and digital workflows, this DAIGO Desk Note is a writing pad designed for use alongside your laptop. This landscape-format notebook is made using Bagasse paper, a by-product of sugar production. This thoughtful reuse of material not only reduces the usage of raw lumber in paper production, but also adds value to an other neglected material. The pages are micro-perforated for easy removal when they are no longer needed.

  • Bagasse paper by DAIGO
  • 64 sheets/128 pages (micro-perforated)
  • Sewn bound
  • B6-slim size: 124 x 180 mm
  • Grid layout
  • Made in Japan