TRAVELER'S COMPANY Traveler's Notebook Insert (Regular) - B-Sides & Rarities: Accordion Fold Paper


TRAVELER'S COMPANY celebrates 15 years since the first release of its popular Traveler's Notebook system with a new compilation of limited edition products featuring unique papers and and off-beat designs. This "B-Sides & Rarities" anniversary collection pays tribute to the long-held practice within the music industry to release more experimental tracks that allowed musicians to explore their artistry as B-sides on their vinyl singles. In the years since the introduction of the Traveler's Notebook, the company has explored all kinds of new styles that they ultimately chose not to adopt into the permanent collection. Sometimes this was because they diverged from the general purpose of a notebook, and sometimes it was because they had only limited uses. But now, these experiments have been put together into a complete special collection that offers new ways to enjoy the timeless notebook.

The Accordion Fold Paper Insert is made from thicker paper stock and unfolds like a map. It is perfect for travel sketching or for mapping and logging your itinerary.

  • Heavy paper stock suitable for dry and wet media
  • 1 sheet/13 accordion pages
  • Glue bound
  • Regular size: 110 x 210mm (4¼ x 8¼ ")
  • Blank layout