Tools To Liveby

TOOLS TO LIVEBY Bottled Fountain Pen Ink - Green


With a design inspired by vintage French elegance, each bottle of TOOLS TO LIVEBY Fountain Pen Ink is handmade by a Taiwanese master. The round bottle cap has great feel and grip, making it easy to open the bottle. The special glass tube design in the centre effectively adjusts the ink output, suitable for both fountain pens and brush pens. The design of the inner layer of the bottle reveal beautiful ink marks when used.

The bottle contains KWZ iron gall ink and is made in Poland. The organic acid can effectively protect pen tips, and the lack of ink particles won’t cause blockage in the bottle. The ink colour has lots of complexity, and gradually becomes darker with age. However, there’s no need to keep away from the sun, as it’s resistant to washing and fading. It is especially suitable for use on documents that need long term storage.

  • Iron gall ink
  • 30 ml
  • Glass bottle design