PLATINUM #3776 Century 10th Anniversary Fountain Pen - Black/Gold


Originally developed in 1978 with the goal of creating the ideal fountain pen, the PLATINUM #3776 is widely touted as one of the best fountain pens to add to any fine writing collection. Over the following decades, subtle adjustments would be made to the pen's design, but its reliable functionality remains unchanged. Fitted with a 14k gold nib that gives an unrivalled tactile experience when putting pen to paper, the pen makes writing and drawing an absolute joy for the user.

The modern #3776 "Century" Fountain Pen was introduced in 2011, and included PLATINUM's innovative "Slip & Seal Mechanism", which helps to prevent the pen from drying out, even when left unused for months on end. This unique feature makes the pen an excellent option for any fountain pen user, no matter how often they need to use the pen.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the beloved #3776 Century Fountain Pen, PLATINUM has created a special edition design that combines the classic design of the original pen first introduced in 1978 with the fantastic features of the modern pen. It includes a nod to the ridged body of the 1978 pen while updating it with a flat crown to add a contemporary touch. Each pen is printed with a special 10th anniversary logo on the crown, while the cap is engraved with the serial number for the production run. The nib has also be customized with a new design for this special anniversary edition. A bottle of ink (in a never before seen colour) is also included in the presentation case for each pen.

In keeping in line with its namesake, only 3776 pieces are available worldwide.

  • 2022 limited edition
  • Resin body
  • 14k gold nib
  • Can be used with PLATINUM PLAT500 converter (included)
  • Compatible with PLATINUM proprietary cartridge refill
  • Made in Japan