ONOTO Shakespeare Fountain Pen - Prospero


Discover exquisite luxury and timeless designs inspired by science, history, and literature with ONOTO fountain pens. Each ONOTO pen is handcrafted by a small dedicated team of goldsmith jewellers and pen-masters in England.

The Shakespeare fountain pen collection is distinguished by bold yet sophisticated material combinations. Based on the classic shape and style of the original ONOTO Magna fountain pen from 1937, it features the iconic triple cap band and chevron patterned clip. The Prospero re-imagines this stunning classic with alternating black and pearlescent green resins, put together using ONOTO's unique fusion-bonding technique. 

  • Limited edition (114 pieces worldwide)
  • Resin body
  • 18k gold nib
  • Refill using a standard international cartridge converter (included) or a standard international refill cartridge
  • Made in the UK