Milk Studio

Meanwhile City (by Milk Studio)

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Cities need effective tools to adapt — especially in times of increasing social, economic and environmental uncertainty. Meanwhile projects are an important part of city resilience and when done well, they can enhance a city's ability to accelerate both physical and behavioural changes, course-correct and recover in face of adversity. 

Offering 30+ actionable lessons, best practices and inspiration for city leaders, urban practitioners and private developers, Meanwhile City is a 160+ page guide on how to use temporary interventions to shape the identity of places and build active communities around them.

Meanwhile City was conceived and produced by Milk, a multidisciplinary team of strategists, designers and editors led by the architect Petra Marko, who build local identities for cities, districts and places. The team works with city leaders, urban practitioners and private developers on design and communication projects that nurture healthier communities and kinder cultures. Through research, narratives and content-driven activation, they engage audiences in growing relationships to places, building active communities around them.

  • Paperback format
  • 160 pages
  • Size: 170 x 230 mm