KRISHNA RC Series Bottled Ink (20ml) - Moonview 2


KRISHNA began in 2010 as the passion project of Dr. Sreekumar, a medical professional with a love for fountain pens and inks. The brand is known for producing stunning inks for fountain pens in a wide range of deep, vibrant colours. These inks are safe for use in both modern and vintage fountain pens, and are ideal for calligraphy, drawing, and writing. Every bottle of KRISHNA ink is made in Sreekumar's workshop in Kerala, India.

The KRISHNA RC Series inks are characterized by their brilliant, high octane sheen. Use them with a premium, fountain-pen-friendly paper like Tomoe River Paper to really show off all their incredible properties!

  • Dye-based fountain pen ink
  • Glass bottle design
  • Made in India