ANGLEPOISE Type 1228 Desk Lamp


Abandon darkness with classic lighting by ANGLEPOISE.

Adapted from the suspension mechanisms used for vehicles, the first ANGLEPOISE task lamp was created in 1932 by George Carwardine. Its signature multi-spring, adjustable tension arm allowed for greater flexibility and improved functionality to suit all types of activities. This classic desk lamp quickly became a staple in many British homes and offices, and is considered the archetypal ANGLEPOISE design. Its unforgettable profile is instantly recognizable across the world, and has now been adapted into a collection of nine different pieces to suit a range of locations within the modern home.

In 2004, Sir Kenneth Grance designed the Type 1228 lamp to introduce a more contemporary aesthetic to the ANGLEPOISE line up. It features a distinctive semi-translucent, twin-layered lampshade that sets it apart from the sleek, minimalist styling of other ANGLEPOISE lamps, but offer all the exceptional functionality and versatility for which the brand is known.

We're delighted to introduce ANGLEPOISE lamps to our range of home and office accessories at Phidon. Our hope is that these beautifully designed lamps will inspire your own lifelong journey of learning and creating. Whether you are working in the studio or relaxing in the comfort of your own living room, Anglepoise lamps are equally suited to all of life's settings.

  • Material:
    - Twin layer coloured polypropylene shade
    - Aluminum arms
    - Cast iron base with aluminum cover
    - Anglepoise® constant tension spring technology
  • Measurements:
    - Shade diameter: 17 cm
    - Shade height: 18 cm
    - Max reach: 65 cm (from base to shade)
    - Base diameter: 20 cm
    - Cable length: 270 cm

*For colours not in stock, please reach out to us to place a special order. Delivery for special order items will require 6-8 weeks.