DIAMINE Inkvent Calendar - 2023 Purple Edition (PRE-ORDER)


Bespoke fountain pen inks—one a day for the winter countdown!

Beloved British fountain pen ink maker DIAMINE is back with another exciting Inkvent Calendar for 2023. Discover 25 brand new colours, one for each day of the Advent season. Featuring a mix of super sheeners, dazzling shimmers, and joyful hues, the Inkvent Calendar will be a delight for any fountain pen lover.

  • Set includes 24 bottles of 12ml, and 1 bottle of 30ml
  • Dye-based fountain pen ink
  • Made in the UK

*This is a pre-order listing. The product launches on October 21st, 2023. Any orders containing this item will ship on, or after, this date in full. To avoid delays, we recommend placing a separate order for this item.