Caran d'Ache

CARAN D'ACHE Varius Fountain Pen - Trophy


Part of the CARAN D'ACHE luxury writing instruments collection, the Varius Fountain Pen features a sharp and bold design while retaining the Swiss penmaker's signature hexagonal form factor. This flagship pen is made using high quality, premium materials, and showcases the careful craftsmanship of their maker.

The Varius Trophy is a subtle reinterpretation of the world of golf. Featuring design cues from the dimpled surface of golf balls and ventilated leather gloves worn by the players, this metal pen sheathed in hand-stitched, night blue leather exudes sophistication and elegance.

  • Leather-wrapped metal body with rhodium-plated accents
  • 18k gold nib
  • Can be used with a standard international cartridge converter (included)
  • Compatible with standard international cartridge refills
  • Made in Switzerland